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If you are trying to find a job and you hear someone talk about your transferable skills, you might wonder what that means. It simply refers to all those skills you have developed throughout your life. Some of those skills go back to your childhood, and others you may have acquired from schools and work experience.  

For example, some of your interpersonal and leadership skills might have stemmed from Little League Baseball or scouting. A previous job in sales could have fine-tuned your communication skills to prepare you for a managerial position or work in public relations.  

Here are the top 5 transferrable skills that could be invaluable in your search for your next job:  

Communication Skills  

The skills you have developed in communicating with others will be on the top of almost every list of transferable skills. Whether you speak other languages, can write well, or are comfortable speaking in front of others, your communication skills can give you a decided advantage for a wide variety of opportunities in the job market.  

Organizational Skills  

If you have strong organizational skills, you likely have the ability to manage your duties through intelligent planning, optimizing your time, paying attention to the details, and being able to prioritize. If you have organizational skills, you can guide a project through from the initial planning stages to completion. These are skills that are often associated with management positions.  

Interpersonal Skills  

If you can relate to others by helping them, cooperating, delegating, and resolving workplace disputes, you can use these skills in almost any organization. Companies looking to fill managerial positions want candidates who can motivate others, show empathy, and maintain morale by settling disagreements. It’s easy to see why interpersonal skills are one of the top transferrable skills.  

Technical Skills  

Even though the so-called soft skills are invaluable, almost every job will require specific technical expertise. If you have these in abundance, you will set yourself apart from a crowded field of candidates. Any technical skills that add value to a business—even if they weren’t listed as requirements in the job posting—can give you a substantial edge during the hiring process.  

Research and Analytical Skills  

If you know how to get information quickly and analyze data, you could be appreciated in a host of jobs. Employers want people who can investigate a problem and find the best solution. The skills needed to solve problems are called analytical skills. Businesses need individuals who use logical steps and excellent judgment to understand an issue thoroughly before taking action. Solutions come from systematic and creative approaches.  

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