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Safety 101: If You Aren’t Trained, Don’t Do It

Anyone familiar with manufacturing, specifically in a machine shop, will know what a lathe is. It’s a piece of equipment on which you can create round parts from wood or metal. You might also know that with a little time, someone could teach you how to make a few rudimentary parts on that lathe. So,… Read More »

Safety Guide: A Near Miss Could Be an Accident Tomorrow

Call it what you like—a “close call,” “narrow escape,” or “near hit”—a National Safety Council fact sheet refers to it as a “near-miss” and defines it as an “unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage – but had the potential to do so.” The fact sheet goes on to emphasize that it was… Read More »

Safety Guide: Avoid the Monkey See, Monkey Do Effect

If an organization is going to develop an effective safety culture, it must start with senior management and extend to the least senior worker. And nowhere along the chain of command is safety more important than with managers on the shop floor.   Why? Because these are the visible leaders of the company, and they have… Read More »

Safety 101: Understanding the Risks of Not Following Procedure

A weak health and safety culture can be devastating to you, your employer, your coworkers, and even customers. Remember that your employer has put procedures in place for a reason, with everyone’s health and safety in mind. If you fail to follow a specific process and neglect your responsibilities, you’re putting everyone at risk. Here… Read More »

Sleep Awareness Week: Top Tips for You to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Workplace fatigue is showing up in many industries across the U.S., and it’s responsible for poor job performance and more workplace accidents. Too many workers are not getting the recuperative sleep they need, and more and more of them are dealing with chronic exhaustion.   Working while tired is about the same as working while drunk.… Read More »

Safety Guide: The Value of Creating a Safe Work Environment

Ensuring a safe environment for your employees is an absolute necessity. If nothing else, the federal government requires it under the oversight of OSHA. The cost of workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths is high. Especially when you consider the damage it can do to your public perception. No company wants to be known as a… Read More »