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It goes without saying that employee retention is crucial to your business’s success. So as a manager, keeping your employees motivated and engaged should be top of mind. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for motivating your workforce, start with these five ideas.

5 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

Make Employees Feel Like Partners

Show employees you value their opinions by including them in the company’s decision-making process. This increases their sense of ownership. Do this on a broad level by holding brainstorming meetings or an individual level by soliciting ideas with a virtual suggestion box.

Motivate Through Communication

Motivation is driven through good communication. On a broad level, it builds a positive corporate culture. This is because everyone is on the same page when it comes to a company’s vision, mission and goals. But on an individual level, frequent two-way communication builds engagement. This, in turn, boosts motivation and increases employee retention.

Celebrate Your Employees

It’s a lot more rewarding to work for a company that shows it cares about its employees. And a great way to reinforce that is by making time for frequent celebrations. Make sure your employees feel appreciated and valued – both professionally and personally. Consistently acknowledge their on-the-job achievements and their personal milestones, like birthdays and work anniversaries. At the same time, don’t be afraid to have a party for the sake of having a party. Taking a little time to let your team connect and relax can make it easier to come into work every day.

Bring Fun to the Workplace

There are plenty of ways to have fun without actually throwing a party. Think about giving everyone a treat, like a special lunch, some homemade baked goods, or pizza. Offer special opportunities like tickets to a show or concert, or a chance to give back to the community through a day of service.

Meaningful Employee Surveys

Give employees opportunities to speak their minds with regular online surveys. This helps you identify specific problems that are damaging engagement and motivation. And even if you can’t immediately solve these problems, acknowledge and take measures to address them. If you show employees who express concerns that you’re listening to them, they’ll be more motivated.

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