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Wondering how to identify a great employee during the interview? Let’s be honest, some people just interview really well. They’re personable and charismatic, maintain effective eye contact, and tell you everything you want to hear. They came into the interview and checked all the boxes. They have the skills required to do the job.

But have you taken the time to dig deeper? To make sure you’ve really found the best candidate for your business? Just because they meet all the prerequisites, that doesn’t always mean they’ll make a great employee. If you ask the right questions, you’ll know you’re hiring the most talented, hardworking candidate who will help you grow your business.

Here’s how to identify a great employee right off the bat.

Dig into Their Qualifications

Ask what qualifications or experiences they have that make them a good match for this job. In other words, do they have what it takes or not? You can always teach a passionate person the necessary skills to succeed. You have to decide which qualifications are absolute must-haves. By asking the candidate about what they think make them a good fit for the job, you can also gauge how well they understand your hiring needs. And also how much research they’ve done into your company.

Assess Their Cultural Fit

Inquire about the candidates’ work habits and ideal work environment. If they prefer to work alone, but you have a more collaborative atmosphere, it might not be a good fit. Ask whether they need more direction or whether they can figure things out on their own. See if you can find out how much praise and feedback they’re used to. Someone who doesn’t match up with your company’s management style might have trouble fitting in. They might even affect the balance of the rest of your team. It’s important to learn how to identify a great employee as soon as possible!

Ask About Resilience

Find out what achievements they’re most proud of and why. This will tell you what their strengths and priorities are. Are they proud of a career accomplishment because they worked really hard to earn it, or because they received a lot of recognition for it? When asking about a challenge they may have faced in the workplace, determine how they handled the stress of a difficult circumstance. Were they composed or panicked?

Learn About Their Goals and Motivations

If hired, what’s the first thing you’d tackle in this position? Not only will this tell you how well they understand the job and what’s expected of them, it’ll tell you how ambitious and motivated they are. You can also ask about a skill they need to work on and are looking to improve. Do they have tangible plans to develop a skill or learn something new? You’ll learn how self-aware and driven they are.

Learn About Their Passions

You should ask about their passions related to work and their personal passions. Ask what attracted them to this position in the first place. Ask what they’d be most excited about if they’re hired. A genuine enthusiasm can give you some insight into how hard they’ll work for you and how long they might stay at your company.

Finding the most-qualified employee who is the best fit for your company is a challenge in many ways. By digging into what drives a candidate as a professional and as a person, you can review that information alongside their hard skills and qualifications, giving you a total picture of a candidate before you hire them.

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