Tips to Relaunch Your Career After Being Unemployed

Want to relaunch your career? More than just a few people were left unemployed amid the coronavirus pandemic, and many of them are now at a career crossroads. Whether you have lost your job altogether, took a substantial pay cut, or want a fresh start in a different industry, you need to take steps to relaunch your career. 

Perhaps it has been a while since your last job search, and you’re not sure where to start. Here are some suggestions for getting the ball rolling. Follow them and give yourself the best chance for getting called for an interview: 

Update your resume to include your career break 

You might believe that the employment gap in your resume will hurt your chances of getting hired. But you could also look at it as something positive that sets you apart from other candidates. If you have not been working for some time, don’t try to hide it. The break might have provided benefits that could make you a top candidate. For instance: 

  • Any new skills you developed during your break 
  • Education focusing on new technology  
  • Volunteer work that helped you develop your leadership skills 
  • Any educational travel 

Also, experts recommend dropping the “objective” portion of your resume in favor of listing your hard skills. Also, include the keywords mentioned in the job description that pertain to your career. 

Start networking 

Try to attend a business networking event every week, either in person or remotely. Keep in mind that instant results should not be your goal when you network. You’re not necessarily there to find a job but to lay the groundwork by meeting people and building relationships. Your efforts will pay off eventually. 

To find the networking opportunities, talk to people you already know or search for them on the internet. A simple Google search (city + state + “networking opportunities”) should give you results. Websites like Meetup and Eventbrite are also worth a try. 

Use all your connections 

Career coaches emphasize that the unemployed who rely only on job boards will be looking for work the longest. People you already know will help likely you find your next job. And many companies hire candidates based on their connection to someone who knows and vouches for them. 

Start by connecting with your former colleagues. They will not only help you to network but also narrow down your search. Later, you can widen the circle of connections until it eventually leads to a job offer. 

The best advice to relaunch  your career? Get expert help!  

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