There’s no doubt about it: if you’re working in any time of manufacturing or industrial job, work safety needs to be your top priority. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or using hand tools, or just doing some heavy lifting, you need to be alert and your body needs to be well-rested. 

When thinking about how you prepare for the workday, think about how you’re taking care of your health. If you don’t sleep well at night, have you thought about how that might impact your work – and the work of those around you? 43 percent of workers report that they suffer from sleep deprivation. When you’re not alert at work, you risk hurting yourself or a co-worker or damaging costly equipment. 

Here’s how work safety starts the night before. 

Boost Your Effectiveness 

Drowsiness can cloud your thinking, slow your reaction time, cloud your thinking, and cause you to make poor decisions. Workers who routinely get enough sleep are equipped to handle important decisions and tasks, so it’s important to prioritize your sleep each and every night. 

Establish a Daily Routine 

Try to go to the bed at the same time each night and try to wake around the same time each morning. This way, your body should become accustomed to the routine and comes to anticipate being lulled to sleep. 

You can benefit from building a routine around the rest of your day, too – eat your meals, drink your coffee, and even schedule your workouts for the same time each day when possible. A break in your routine could confuse your body to the point that it’s not ready to fall asleep when you need it to. 

Fuel Your Body 

While you don’t need to eat like a professional athlete, what you choose to eat plays a big role in your performance and alertness at work. A nutritious diet will ensure that you’ll have enough energy to power you through the day and keep your mind fresh. Make sure you’re getting enough water so you’re not slow and sluggish when you wake up in the morning. 

Create a Sleepy Environment 

Are you struggling to get to sleep when you need to? To get the best sleep, keep your room cool and dark. Use blinds or room-darkening shades to keep out streetlights and other excessive lights. Limit the use of screens from your TV, phone or tablet – the blue lights emitted make it difficult for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. 

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol 

A little caffeine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a good way to perk up and boost your alertness. But too much caffeine can interfere with your sleep at night, especially if you consume it too late in the day. 

The same rule applies to alcohol. A drink after work might be okay, but too much alcohol inhibits your ability to stay asleep during the night and prevents your body from entering the deep sleep it so badly needs. 

Find a New Job in Victorville That Supports Your Life 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of work has a direct benefit to your performance and work safety during the day. By making more healthy choices and getting better sleep outside of your shift at work, you’ll be ready to take on the next shift and make productive contributions. 

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