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Americans spend, on average, 40 hours a week at work—that’s not including commute time. While work is necessary for living, nobody wants to feel like they’re living to work. If work is making you miserable and you’re looking for greener pastures, here are some things to consider before making that move.

What Should You Consider Before Switching to a New Job?


It can be tempting to jump at the first opportunity to get out of an unpleasant situation, but if the place you jump to doesn’t have the same level of benefits you’re used to, it can quickly feel you’ve made a big mistake.

It’s important to take your time and make sure this new company is offering comparable benefits. Find out about their health insurance coverage and what premiums will cost you monthly.

Don’t stop at health insurance, either. Make sure they offer paid time off. Many companies offer matching 401k contributions and educational benefits. If you’re really looking for greener pastures, it’s worth it to hold out for a company that cares enough about their employees to offer these benefits.

Company Culture

There are several reasons that may drive you away from your current job, but odds are that the company culture is the primary culprit. If so, it does no good to go from one toxic environment to another.

How do you find out about a company’s culture without experiencing it firsthand? The interview is a great time to find out.

During your time there for the interview, did the office seem alive with character, or did it seem like an oppressively quiet place?

Ask if they do things like celebrate employee birthdays or have casual Fridays.

You can also check sites like Glassdoor to read reviews of a company by former or current employees.

Growth and Stability

A company can have a great environment and offer excellent benefits, but that’s all for nought if business isn’t doing so good. Find out how long the company has been around? Have they won any awards? Read online press releases and business journals to find out how they’re doing.

If you know people in the industry, they may give you some insight. By partnering with ICR for your job search, you have a friend in the industry who can tell you these things.

In fact, working with a recruiter from ICR Staffing Services is a great way to ensure you’re truly moving on to a better place. It’s their job to know the industry and the clients they serve.

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