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What are the best job benefits employers should offer? It depends on who you ask, but COVID-19 changed everything we thought we knew about work. If you’re opening back up and ready to hire some new employees, you might wonder what benefits are most attractive to employees as we navigate our way through the pandemic. Here’s what you should know.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

According to a recent study by Fractl, health and related benefits are still at the top of the list. Failing to offer these basic benefits, especially while we’re still struggling through a pandemic, could cause well-qualified candidates to skip to the next prospective employer on their list.


Many people shifted to working from home when COVID-19 hit, and quite a few of them don’t want to give up that option. For jobs that can’t be done from home, flexible schedules are the next best solution. Families are coping with a lot of challenges, and providing as much flexibility as possible can help them be more productive during the hours they are at work.

Unlimited Vacation

Even before the pandemic, some big companies were making headlines with their new unlimited vacation policies. During COVID-19, it’s even more important to let people take off the time they need, whether to quarantine after exposure or to care for kids who aren’t yet back in school. Post-pandemic, unlimited vacation policies can help employees maintain a better work-life balance, make them feel trusted and valued, and even boost their productivity and corporate loyalty in the long run. It’s one of the best job benefits you can offer.

Paid Parental Leave

It’s still not federally mandated, but paid parental leave has become a massive concern for many employees. Science tells us that crucial parent-child bonding happens in the first few weeks and months of a baby’s life. If at all possible, try to offer at least short-term paid leave for both mothers and fathers. You might also consider setting up a free or low-cost onsite daycare center, which can help relieve a lot of the childcare burden that parents face.

Tuition Assistance

College costs are out of control, and employers are starting to take notice. Providing even a modest amount of tuition assistance can help you develop your employees while easing their financial burden.

Your company may not be in the financial position to add a lot of the best job benefits. But what ties all these most-desired benefits together is that they humanize your employees. Look carefully at your budget, figure out what you can afford to spend, and then do what you can to help out your workers. It’s been a tough year, and job seekers are looking for a company they can rely on.

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