Two male temporary employees in factory.

The transition of a temporary employees to a permanent position is an exciting one. If you’ve found an employee who excels in their work, fits in with the rest of your team and would make an excellent long-term addition, those are the types of employees you want to retain – so keep the ones you already have.

If you used a staffing agency, you have to consider the contract, the staffing company’s policy, and what kind of employee you’re dealing with. Here are four things to think about when you’re converting temporary employees into a permanent one.

Identify Hardest Working Temporary Employees

Work ethic might be one of the most important qualities in a prospective candidate. After all, you can’t change someone’s character, but you can always teach them additional skills or encourage them to earn important certifications. Hire an employee who has shown that they’re willing to work hard and learn more. You can’t teach effort! And you can’t you teach someone to want to improve.

Consider Life Circumstances

You’ve probably gotten to know your temporary employees and their work pretty well during their tenure with your business. If you haven’t, you might want to ask a few inquiring questions to help you decide whether or not to offer them a permanent position.

If you know that they enjoy trying different jobs or if they are looking to pursue other interests, that person might not be a great full-time hire. Even if they accept your permanent offer, you’re taking a chance that they won’t leave after a few months to seek out another adventure, leaving you in the difficult position of replacing another employee.

Think About Cultural Fit

Company culture is important to most employees because they don’t want to work somewhere if they don’t fit in. If your company thrives on collaborative brainstorming and open workspaces, don’t hire someone who enjoys quiet, solitary work. Consider that an extroverted person who likes to convene with anyone and everyone before settling down to work might not appreciate a setting where people retreat to their workstations to work independently.

Sometimes, a certain employee just doesn’t match up with your company values. If an employee doesn’t buy into your goals and mission statement, they’re probably not going to be a great fit long-term

Consider the Conversion Fee

You and your temporary employees have previously signed a contract, and in it there’s probably a clause that specifies if and how the staffing agency is to be paid in the case of making a permanent hire. Often the agency will receive a percentage of the annual salary, or if the employee worked on a temporary basis for a long period of time and the agency was already receiving regular payment, that fee will often be waived. Make sure you know if and how you need to make a payment.

Converting your temporary employees into permanent ones can be a delicate process, but it gives you the chance to truly gauge the employee and know they’re a good fit for your business. Contact ICR Staffing Services to discuss the benefits of temporary and direct hire staffing, or request an employee  today.

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