Here are five steps to develop a staffing solution that will grow with your business.

It’s finally time to develop a staffing solution that works. Your company is growing and you need to bring on more staff. It’s an exciting and lucrative time for small businesses to be growing. Most will find that as they add new staff, they’ll continue to flourish. However, you still need to make sure you make the right hires and hire in a responsible and systematic way.

Here are five steps to develop a staffing solution that will grow with your business.

Assess What You Have

Before you bring on anyone new, take the time to take stock of what you already have. Ask yourself if each employee is in the right position to maximize their skills and abilities and whether your current staffing solution is the most efficient it could be.

Get a grasp of how your team’s workflow will be enhanced by hiring new people. What tasks and responsibilities would a new hire have? Whom would they report to? Whom would they collaborate with? Make sure no duties would be unnecessarily duplicated – or worse, forgotten about.

Diagnose Your Biggest Need

Assume that you can only hire for one position at a time. Figure out which role will make the biggest impact on your business. Sales? Marketing? Or do you just need some help with the administrative load? Consider whether your business fluctuates throughout the year and anticipate what your upcoming needs are. It might make more sense to develop a seasonal hiring strategy.

Start Recruiting

When you’ve decided on which positions you’re looking for, make it clear in your job descriptions what your team is looking for. You want candidates who know exactly what they’re getting into and who believe in your goals.

Automate your recruiting process with social media, automated emails, and calendar apps to schedule appointments. Use a consistent interview process that you can replicate to ensure you’re treating each candidate fairly.

Onboard Your New Hires

If you can effectively acclimate your new hires to your company, set expectations for their performance, and have them commit to your company goals, you’re more likely to keep those employees for the long term.

Give them 90-day benchmarks to aim for so they know what success will look like. Help them maximize their skill sets, develop action plans to improve on their weaknesses, and give them the tools they’ll need to succeed. If they feel like you’re investing in them, they’ll be loyal to your company.

Finally, match each new hire with either a formal mentor or an informal buddy. This will help keep them accountable and give them someone to go to when they have a question or problem.

Solidify your Staffing Solution

Once you’ve established a hiring process, go ahead and formalize it. Put it in writing, assign point people to interview and check references, and work on developing an orienting procedure.

Remember that hiring more people sometimes leads to growing pains and confusion, which is something you want to minimize. Having a clear and concise process for how your team plans to grow makes it easy to address future needs and keep your business on track for success! Contact us at ICR Staffing Solutions to start building your staffing solution partnership today.

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