There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has had an impact on various dynamics of the employment experience. With individuals increasingly pursuing career changes that are more in sync with balanced lifestyles, it’s critical for employers to make sure they have the perks and pay to attract top talent.

Here are the top influences that are key in a job candidate accepting your organization’s job offer.

Additional Income

There’s no doubt that job-seekers are following the money. Whether it’s taking a second job for additional income, accepting a new position with more a competitive salary or bonus structure, or switching careers altogether for promotion opportunities, the post-COVID workforce is taking charge of their financial situation. Depending on the employee’s long-term goals, attractive income packages may also include stock options and generous retirement packages. With increased economic freedom, employees are able to pay off debt, save to purchase a home, or pursue whatever interests that help them achieve a more meaningful work-life balance.

Flexible Work Schedule

Whether it’s opting for a shorter commute or a more manageable work-life balance, individuals are seeking to spend less of their day on work-related activities. To meet the need for balance, workers are not only looking for work closer to home, but more and more are demanding some sort of remote work option. Yet, for others, a flexible work schedule may be defined by more vacation time or personal time off, flexible work hours, work-from-home options, or maternity leave.

Job Security and Job Safety

One way that employers can ensure employees feel secure is by offering affordable health care plans for the entire family. Wellness and preventative health benefits, such a gym memberships and mental health services, are high-priority for job seekers. Also, on-the-job safety is getting a second glance––whether it’s injury prevention or infection control measures — employees are no longer content with outdated safety protocols and unnecessary health hazards. Your company’s commitment to safety compliance, health awareness, and overall communication can significantly influence hiring and retaining quality employees.

Professional Development Opportunities

Employees are also becoming increasingly drawn to companies with a clear vision for growth, and that vision includes providing development opportunities for staff. Employees want to feel as though they bring value to the mission, and employees measure that value in higher education and promotion opportunities. Not to mention, professional development opportunities lend to an overall happier, more creative, and more committed staff.

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