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Photo of Zoom meeting to illustrate How to Manage a Remote Team

While remote work comes with its share of perks, like schedule flexibility and reduced commute time, it also comes with its share of challenges. A lack of social interaction and an increase in home-life distractions can feed an employee’s mental disengagement.

So keeping staff engaged and productive may require a little more creativity than it otherwise would in an on-site setting. Here are four practices that managers can follow when leading remote teams to success.

How Can You Manage a Remote Team?

Set expectations

Each team member needs to be aware of individual and department performance goals. As well, openly define each team member’s role, priorities, and availability. Be careful to not set the focus on activity, but rather emphasize outcomes.

Balance organization with flexibility

Divide and communicate the expectation of responsibilities in such a way that so that, even when your give your staff flexibility with their schedules, consistency remains key.

Model effective communication

Never assume everyone knows. That includes emphasizing the visibility of resources, deadlines, policies and procedures, performance metrics, and schedules. Locating these may not always be as intuitive as it seems. Also, be consistent with the mode of communication. Does your staff prefer email, virtual meetings, or team messaging channels? Whichever they prefer, use it and stick with it.

Build ways for your team to connect and collaborate

This begins with virtual meetings and shared documents, but also includes activities such as team building events, fun chat channels, and open-door policies with management.

Constantly evaluate what works, and what doesn’t, and make adjustments accordingly. Again, flexibility is key when leading remote employees in a thriving work experience.

As well, make considerations for new staff. While including the company’s remote work basics in the new hire onboarding experience, also provide periodic reminders across all channels to ensure that everyone remains on the same page.

How Are You Managing Your Remote Team?

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