A lengthy hiring process might seem like a good idea – you’re thoughtful and deliberate, allowing just enough time for the perfect candidate to apply, and making sure every single manager in your company can weigh in on the best candidates – but the truth is that a long process leaves a role in your company vacant for too long.

This can cost you money, and by dragging out the process, the most talented candidates might get tired of waiting and, needing a salary, accept a job with the competition. ICR Staffing Services is a leading staffing agency in Victorville CA that can help fast-track your hiring process today.

Have Realistic Expectations

The truth is that there is no perfect candidate for the job opening in your company. Before you start collecting resumes, generate a list of qualities and skills your ideal candidate must have and a list of qualities that would be nice, but that you’re willing to compromise on. Remember which skills and experiences can be taught during training and orientation and which are innate personality characteristics. Compare resumes to your list. Remember that a bad hire can end up costing your company time and money, and you’ll have to start the process all over again.

Write a Concise and Accurate Job Description

When your job description is too precise, you’ll miss out on great candidates who might be missing a very specific skill or qualification that might not even be necessary. However, if your job description is too vague, you’ll be bombarded with irrelevant resumes. Let your employees help write the description – they work most closely with the person and know which traits and experiences the ideal candidate should have. Use bullet points to outline the necessary experiences and skills, as well as the responsibilities the new hire will have.

Eliminate Unnecessary Steps

Interviews are absolutely important, but be honest about how many rounds you actually need. Consider conducting phone or video interviews before you undertake the hassle of scheduling in-person interviews. And be prepared with detailed and thoughtful questions to make sure each interview is as fair and effective as possible.

Involve Fewer Decision Makers

At the beginning, it’s probably best to just have the candidate meet with a hiring manager instead of an entire team of people. Team interviews are difficult to schedule and sometimes awkward to conduct. As the hiring process continues and you narrow down your candidates to just a few, you can involve relevant managers and stakeholders.

Use Professional Help

If the hiring process is a daunting challenge for your company, consider using a professional recruiting agency. They’re experienced in screening resumes, and have access to a vast network of qualified job seekers in your industry. They know how to conduct effective interviews and have the infrastructure to do so quickly.

With today’s market for top talent becoming increasingly competitive, preparing to make quicker decisions and shortening your hiring processes becomes more and more important. Having a clear course of action and identifying internal roles in the hiring process makes for a smoother path to finding the best available candidate. For more great hiring tips and for staffing assistance, reach out to a staffing agency in Victorville and contact ICR Staffing Services today.


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