When you’re feeling disengaged at work, like your work doesn’t matter, like you lose the desire to go to work each morning, you have to change that – fast! An occasional lull at work is normal. Sometimes it’s just related to your mood, the weather, or a lack of sleep. But if it persists, you need to examine whether you’re seriously burned out and need to change things up or whether you just ride it out until you find that passion again.

When you’re disconnected from your work, you can’t be as productive or effective. 

Here are some steps to take when you’re disconnected from your work.

Consider the Big Picture

Reexamine your company’s mission statement. Are you contributing to those larger goals? Are you a part of something greater? Look outside your immediate responsibilities and figure out what part you play. Sometimes discovering that sense of purpose is all the motivation you need!

Recharge Your Batteries

Take a break! Go on a vacation, or take a day or two off if your brain really needs it. Sometimes even the shortest break can help you reenergize, refocus and get motivated.

Change Your Habits and Patterns

You could simply be bored or itching for a challenge, so try something different. Ask for new responsibilities, volunteer for a new project or collaborate with some colleagues you don’t know very well. Trying something new outside of your job description is a really good way to boost your job satisfaction and explore new interests.

Find Purpose in Mentoring

If it’s an interest of yours, invest your talents and energies in someone else. Share your knowledge, your experiences and your skills with a coworker or friend. Helping someone else always makes you feel better. If you’re motivated and engaged in one area of your work, that energy spills over into your other duties as well.

Address Your Issues

Sometimes your dissatisfaction at work is due to one simple issue. It might be a coworker you don’t like. It might be a management decision that you disagreed with. Or a project you’re struggling with. Perhaps you didn’t get a bonus you felt you deserved or credit you were due for a big accomplishment.

It’s hard to move past that resentment if you don’t address it. Meet with your supervisor and create an action plan to solve your problem. Once you resolve your issue, you can refocus on your work!

Start a Job Search

If, after all these steps, nothing seems to be working, you might want to start looking for a new job. This doesn’t mean you should give your two weeks notice or anything, but just start exploring. See if there’s something more stimulating for you!

It can’t hurt to look, but if you stay in a job that you’re not interested in or committed to, you won’t be effective and you risk hurting your career! There are different ways to approach these types of issues and every person will find that a different solution works best for them. If you’re looking for a new job in the Victorville, CA area, apply now and start your search with ICR Staffing Services.

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