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Many job seekers wonder whether they really need to write a resume. After all, resumes can be time consuming and difficult to write, and many employers still ask job hunters to fill out an application. So do you need a resume to get a job? In a word, yes. Your resume serves as your first impression. It lets potential employers know what you bring to the table. But how can you write a resume if you don’t have much (or any) job experience? Here are a few tips. 

Your Resume Should Show Off Your Education 

If you don’t have much work experience, you probably either haven’t been out of school very long or are reentering the workforce after raising a family or tending to other family responsibilities. Either way, you can start your resume with a section highlighting your education. List not only your school’s name and the degree you received, but any significant accomplishments or achievements. Employers are looking for signs of potential at this stage of your career, so show off that 3.8 GPA or talk about your time in student government. 

Explain Your Skills 

Whether you learned in school or on your own, use the Skills section of your resume to explain what you know. If you’re applying for a production line job, list machinery, and equipment that you know how to operate. If you’re looking for clerical work, talk about your computer and data entry skills. Many employers are willing to provide on the job training for entry-level workers, but any existing relevant skills you have can give you a leg up on your competition. 

List Your Experience 

Even if you have never held a paying job, odds are good that you’ve done something that gives you some experience. Were you in a club? Did you do community service hours in high school? Do you volunteer in your community? Anything that shows leadership skills is especially valuable, but all experiences that show you can work as part of a team are important. 

Use Some Keywords 

Increasingly, employers are using software to scan and sort resumes before a human ever sees them. Pay close attention to the job description, and scatter relevant keywords throughout your resume. This means that you need to update your resume for each job posting, but it’s the best way to maximize your chances of getting an interview. 

Need Some Help? 

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