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Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview

At the end of every job interview comes a crucial opportunity: when they give you, the interviewee, the chance to ask questions. Many candidates pass up that opportunity, relieved that the hard part’s over, but they’re missing a precious opportunity to set themselves apart from all the other candidates.

Potential employers want to see that you’ve put some real thought and consideration into this position, that you’re genuinely interested, and that you’ve done a little research. It’s also an excellent opportunity for you to make sure you fully grasp what would be expected of you.

Here are some questions to ask at your job interview to help you understand the employers’ expectations.  

Can you layout details about the day-to-day job?  

Be careful not to ask anything that’s already in the job description, so make sure your questions go beyond that. Find out who you report to, who you work with, and what a typical day looks like. Ask about specific software, computer programs, or other tools you’ll be expected to use.   

What would the first week look like?  

There’s probably an orientation or training program you’ll have to go through, but there might also be meetings you’ll be expected to sit in on, customers they’ll want you to meet, or tasks that you’ll need to accomplish right away.   

How does this position contribute to the whole company?  

Find out who you’ll be working with, which other departments you should collaborate with, and exactly how your actions contribute to the success of the whole company. Everyone will be relying on you—what will they need you to do? And how will other departments, coworkers, and managers support you and provide you with the resources you need?  

What do you expect me to accomplish?  

Ask for a timeline of what they need and hope from you. What should you have done in the first month, three months, six months, and the first year? Ask about what’s imperative versus what’s just a dream or a long-term vision.   

How does company culture affect this role?  

You do need to know about the company culture. Is it formal or casual? Collaborative or independent? Ask how they expect your role to grow or develop over time, especially as technology advances,  

Who will I learn from?  

Some companies have a mentoring or shadowing program as part of their onboarding process. Others have built-in some formal classroom training or orientation. Find out what training you’ll be expected to go through. You might even knock their socks off by asking if you can get a jumpstart on it.   

How will I be evaluated? 

Finally, ask some questions about how they’ll measure your goals and performance. Will you be reviewed regularly? Who will supervise you? There’s probably an employee review program or at least an employee recognition program. Ask about the process of setting goals, precisely how many choice employees have when they set goals and prioritize their tasks.   

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