It can be hard for recent college graduates to find jobs, and employers often prefer to hire candidates with more experience than recent graduates can offer. If managers take the time to train and develop them; however, they can be especially valuable long-term assets. 

Here are five benefits to hiring and developing Millennial workers.  

1. Millennials require lower salaries. 

Because Millennials are relatively inexperienced and likely have a lower cost of living, they are willing to work for significantly lower salaries. In fact, many Millennials prioritize other things over money, such as a company mission, work-life balance or being in an environment they love. 

It is also important to remember that along with lower salary costs, you offer people who are looking for experience the space for growth. In fact, if you can secure energetic workers, new to the workforce, at a lower salary, then you can start to invest in them for the future when they will require higher salaries. Spend that money earlier in their careers on professional development and invest in the relationships you build with Millennial talent. 

2. Millennial workers want learning opportunities. 

Younger workers are looking for an engaging work atmosphere that can provide professional growth opportunities. They will be more interested in the work if they know they can gain valuable experience on the job, learning new skills along the way. If your company can help sponsor any additional education for them – like certification courses, seminars or conferences – you will keep those workers faithful to you.  

3. Millennials are the managers of the future.

Within five years, younger Millennial workers will be great assets when you are looking to hire new managers and supervisors. Already familiar with your team and corporate culture, they will be the most qualified candidates for these leadership roles. If you’ve invested time and money into their knowledge and well-being, treating them well, supporting their goals and nurturing their ambitions, they’re likely to remain in your company for years to come. 

4. Millennials can connect to a younger market. 

Perhaps one of the largest benefits to hiring younger, inexperienced workers is you will automatically tap into the younger market so you can keep up with global issues, competing markets and product trends that are relevant to that age demographic. 

Millennials are in touch with the changes young people experience as consumers. They can help promote your products and services to one of the largest purchasing demographics in the country. Experienced in technology, they have new innovative ideas and are comfortable using social media as a marketing tool. College has developed their creative thinking abilities, their decision-making skills, and their abilities to brainstorm – uninhibited by the mental restrictions that a more seasoned worker has built up. 

5. Millennials have global perspectives. 

This is the most diverse generation of college graduates and young professionals ever. Not only is a wider range of people now attending college, their college experiences include study abroad trips and cultural immersion projects. They are socially conscious and can communicate effectively with all types of co-workers, customers and clients, both in person and over digital channels. 

Many recent college graduates may lack the targeted experience of older job candidates, but they can often bring a fresh mindset to your workplace. Consider whether you have the resources to train a certain candidate and build upon their potential. For more tips on hiring and training top talent for your company, contact the ICR Staffing Services team today. 


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