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When filling hourly and entry-level positions, it may be more beneficial to your company to lower your requirements and even consider candidates with zero experience in your industry. This may sound antithetical to your perceived notions of how to build a solid workforce, but the reasons for this method might make sense to you after you hear them.

After all, much about the working landscape has changed in the past couple years and casting aside old assumptions is essential to staying ahead. In this article, we’ll discuss a few reasons to consider a candidate with no experience.

Is Hiring Someone With No Experience a Good Idea?

A Clean Slate

Hiring someone with experience often comes with a trade-off: they got their experience under someone else’s tutelage. And you do not know how much you’ll have to retrain them. Not to mention, fixing bad habits that have already become second nature to them can feel like an uphill battle.

When you hire someone with no experience, they’re like a blank slate awaiting your training. They’re easier to mold into the worker you need and they’re eager to learn this new industry or trade, so there’s very little pushback in methods and practices.

Fresh Perspective

Less experience often means a younger generation. And every generation in America has brought with it a fresh perspective on old problems. Embracing this instead of remaining stuck in your ways is the best strategy for a company that you wish to stay in business across several generations.

An Eye Toward the Future

Showing that you’re willing to train fresh faces who display the right soft skills is a strategy that will serve you far into the future. Investing in their future with on-the-job training and education benefits can create a loyal employee for life.

It’s becoming less common for someone to spend their entire career with one employer. That’s mostly because finding an employer who treats you right has become an arduous task. But recent trends show America’s workforce is striking back and demanding better treatment.

Imagine being ahead of so many other companies who remain stagnant by creating the place where people actually want to stay and retire from? It’s completely possibly and entirely up to you.

Would You Hire Someone with No Experience?

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