Photo illustrating hiring challenges due to childcare issues.

Employers face numerous hiring challenges when it comes to recruiting and hiring top talent. Outdated hiring processes and weak benefit packages can leave candidates feeling skeptical about accepting a position with a company. How employers maneuver these challenges can be key for businesses that are trying to avoid the consequences of multiple unfilled positions.

Here are a few of the top hiring challenges that employers face when hiring personnel.

Childcare Woes For Working Parents

Even though many schools are back to in-person learning, parents of school-aged children are still wrestling with childcare woes. Even if a child hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19, quarantine fallouts leave parents with little choice when kids are told to stay home due to exposure.

And it’s not only the lack of childcare options for children on quarantine, but the issue is compounded with eLearning responsibilities placed on the family in conjunction with remote work that contribute to burnout.

And even if childcare is available to the family, the expense of daycare for multiple children is often unjustifiable based on parent salaries.

Slow Hiring Process

In some cases, employers struggle filling positions because the hiring process can take months. Lengthy interview timelines and sluggish background checks can leave the candidate feeling a bit antsy. Candidates in need of immediate income don’t have the luxury of waiting for excessively far-out start dates.

Even if the job is a dream job, a candidate may be compelled to accept a position with your company’s competitor if there’s a perceived hiring delay.

Sub-Par Recruiting Strategies

It’s a job-seekers market, which means it’s critical that employers are penetrating the appropriate recruiting spaces to locate qualified candidates. If your hiring team is spending excessive time sifting through applicants, you could very well be losing ground with businesses that are using automation tools to filter applicants.

Not to mention, it’s imperative to keep applicants’ attention too. Tools such as follow-up emails can keep your business competitive in the hiring process, providing your HR team time to coordinate the interview process. As well, consider providing a feedback mechanism for candidates who’ve completed the hiring process, to help assess the effectiveness of the process.

Establishing an efficient, relevant strategy for your company’s recruiting process can ensure access to the most qualified applicant for your job vacancies. ICR is here to help build and execute your business’s hiring strategy.

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