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Manufacturing job safety is essential, and it goes without saying that the consequences of not following procedure could be disastrous. Everyone understands that it is your employer’s responsibility to provide you and your coworkers with a safe working environment. But you are not a passive participant when it comes to your safety. Playing an active part in promoting health and safety at work will help to ensure that you return home every evening in the same shape you left that morning. 

Most manufacturing jobs have some degree of risk associated with them, so the following suggestions should help you to stay on top of required manufacturing job safety and mitigate many of those risks. 

Manufacturing Job Safety: Always be aware of your surroundings 

Some workers are oblivious to their surrounding hazards. However, it is critical to observe your coworkers and know about the specific dangers in your work area. That awareness will allow you to take precautionary steps to reduce the risk substantially. 

Keep stress to a minimum 

Managing stress is the key to staying healthy while working long hours and being under pressure. Keeping yourself fit and healthy can stave off many of the stress-related conditions that include chronic illness and depression. Be sure to take your regular breaks and get plenty of sleep. Your safety depends on your health. 

Make sure emergency exits are accessible 

If there is an emergency, you will need quick access to the exits. While it is your employer’s duty to keep all exits clear, you can help yourself by making sure no one inadvertently blocks them at any time. 

Use all tools correctly 

Taking shortcuts leads to workplace injuries. Don’t use the wrong tool or piece of equipment for the sake of expediency. Your adjustable wrench is not a hammer, and scaffolding is not a ladder. Use the appropriate tool or equipment and stay safe. 

Inform your supervisor about unsafe conditions  

Supervisors can be very busy, so you need to remind them about any manufacturing job safety hazards you observe in the workplace. They are obligated to ensure that their workers are in a safe environment, so don’t feel as though you are bothering them with your concerns. 

Wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) 

Your employer will supply you with the PPE you need to do your job safely, but it’s up to you to wear it while on the job. Safety glasses, hearing protection, safety gloves, and hard hats are effective types of protective equipment, but they only work if you use them. 

Use mechanical lift assistance 

Don’t injure yourself by lifting and carrying heavy materials when there are forklifts, jib cranes, and shoplifts available to do it safely. Back injuries can become painful and chronic, but most of them are preventable by using mechanical lift assistance every time. 

Safety will always be an issue that is the combined responsibility of management and workers. For more tips on manufacturing job safety and sensible work practices, check out ICR’s blog. Looking for manufacturing jobs in Victorville, Calif? Apply now at the link below!

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