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Today’s post covers 5 Reasons Why Social Media Recruiting May Be Beneficial to Your Business.

You probably use social media in your free time, but you may not have considered using it to recruit new team members. But if that’s the case, you’re missing out on a valuable resource. With so many people spending a lot of time online, it only makes sense to reach out to them. Here are five reasons to consider social recruiting.

Social Media Recruiting is free

If you want to run ads on social media, you’ll need to pay a nominal fee (lower than many other forms of advertising). But if you meet people where they are, in social media groups, or you start a page for your company, you won’t pay a cent.

You Can Size People Up

When doing social media recruiting, you have a golden opportunity to engage with potential recruits in a comfortable and laid-back way, before you even start the hiring process. You can get a good sense of who they are and what they value, determining whether a particular candidate is a good fit for your company culture.

Take Advantage of Sharing

One of the most brilliant aspects of social media is how easy it is to share information. As your company gains followers, they will naturally start to share your posts. This raises awareness of your company, growing your potential pool of recruits in an organic way.

Referrals and Passive Candidates

In addition to raising general awareness about your business, your followers may also start to refer candidates to you once you let them know you’re hiring. Friends of brand loyalists might just turn out to be the perfect fit. You can also reach passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a job, but may be open to one if the right opportunity presents itself.

Targeting Job Seekers

While most social media platforms give you a more general opportunity to network, specialized platforms such as LinkedIn let you target people who are actively looking for work.

If you’re not social media savvy, or you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate, social media recruiting might seem tough. In this case, consider partnering with a staffing agency. We’ll do the hard work of recruiting for you, presenting you with qualified, vetted candidates to choose from.

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