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When asking for a promotion, whether you’re hoping to land a job that’s currently unfilled or you’re seeking to expand your current role, here are a few tips to consider when approaching your boss about a promotion.

How Can You Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

Do Your Research and Build Your Case

Get an idea of your market value. What do others in your industry, with similar experience, earn? Have in the mind the position you want and what makes you a good candidate for the role. And, how a pay raise for you is an investment for you management.

Next, be prepared to describe in detail your achievements, such as goals reached, projects completed, and training passed. As well, considerer responsibilities and skills that you’ve mastered in your current position. Think about specific ways in which your contributions have directly impacted the company’s productivity and revenue. Combine those metrics to make a case for how your past achievements can play into the business’s future potential.

Consider When and Where

Timing is everything — especially when asking for a promotion. If your department is working through a season of high turnover or if the business is facing economic uncertainly, now may not be the right time.

And don’t think that catching your boss of guard will give you the upper hand in the discussion. Actually, the opposite may be true. Asking for a meeting and clarifying that your purpose is to discuss your performance and future opportunities with the company will give your manager the opportunity to prepare for the conversation as well.

If you feel a little uncertain about how you’ll be received, try beginning an informal dialogue to start the conversation. Testing the waters can let you know if the timing is right and may help build your confidence, especially if you get a positive vibe from your boss.

Finally, don’t forget to make sure your boss understands that your desire for a promotion isn’t just about the money. A promotion offers opportunity for professional development and invested role taking on increased responsibilities.

Think You’re Ready to Ask For a Promotion?

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