Skilled Trades Jobs

It can be tough to fill skilled trades jobs in today’s environment. Many companies are competing for the same quality talent, and using traditional recruitment techniques often isn’t enough. Hiring managers, HR directors, recruiters, and staffing directors are all in the same boat.

However, in the midst of a skilled trades jobs shortage, there are different avenues to explore to find people who are a great fit for your skilled trades openings. Here are three ways to find skilled tradespeople in this labor shortage.

Recruit High School Graduates for Skilled Trades Jobs

College tuition is climbing every year, and those costs of attendance are an impediment for many who are considering college. A career in the skilled trades is an alternative many can explore – instead of paying four years of college tuition, you could potentially be earning that same amount of money in salary. A job in the skilled trades industries is rewarding and challenging, and many states are invested in developing these opportunities – California has made a $200 million investment into career and technical education.

Where can you find high school students who may be interested in skilled trades careers? Attend high school job fairs, career days and other related programs. Build an email list of high school students and help educate them with news and statistics about your industry or company. Sponsor high school athletic programs or after-school activities and clubs that might be related to your field. If you have the means, hold an annual scholarship competition for high school students to sponsor their trade school education. The more you can get your company’s name out in front of the students, the better. They’ll be more familiar with you and more likely to apply for a job.

Recruit Veterans

Many veterans are unemployed when they complete their service, but they’re often some of the hardest-working, most capable new recruits, so do your best to advertise your services in publications that are written for them. Offer tuition reimbursement for coursework, assistance with moving cost, or help with short-term housing to help them transition and acclimate back into their area. Look into a partnership with Hire Heroes USA or Vet Jobs and post your skilled trades job openings directly on their job boards.

Recruit Laid-Off Workers

Workers who have been laid off in other industries are often in difficult positions where they have to find a steady paycheck quickly. They have years of experience, and even if they don’t have the exact experience needed, you can find people who are incredibly diligent and willing to learn.

Attend job fairs in communities that have been hit by major layoffs. Provide information about your company to churches, community groups and other organizations that support families in need. Advertise your company in local publications and community newsletters. Offer benefits like on-the-job training, trade school grants, tuition reimbursement and assistance with childcare costs and other financial incentives.

Several industries across the country are facing hiring challenges, and the skilled trades jobs industry is no different. For businesses, it provides an opportunity to get creative and reassess traditional hiring practices. Setting goals for related to skilled trades recruiting should include a commitment to exploring new avenues to find talented candidates. Contact ICR Staffing Services to explore new avenues to skilled trades staffing success.

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