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Have you thought about mentoring a new employee? If you’ve had a successful career so far, chances are you had a mentor or two along the way. It may have been more indirect, but you learned the ropes from someone and we can often forget that when it comes time to pay it forward.

What is the Impact of Mentoring a New Employee?

Helping Others to Grow

Entering a new field can be daunting, and it’s important to remember how you felt when you were a rookie. Stepping up as a junior employee’s mentor can help them find their footing faster and have the same or even better chance to excel than you did.

There is a selfish aspect to this: helping others grow will help you grow as well. Any professional who has had to teach their profession can tell you that teaching allowed them to grow stronger in their profession. It’s because learning to articulate how you do what you do has the bonus of refining how you do things.

Plus, going back to basics can remind you of some fundamentals you forgot somewhere along the way.

Pushing Limits

A big part of mentoring someone is coaching them to step out of their comfort zone. Think about who you were at different stages of your career and how stepping beyond your limits changed you, not just as a worker, but as a person.

Offering that kind of support can be huge for someone’s career. We rarely recognize it in ourselves when we’re resting on our laurels. It takes a mentor to point it out and give us a push in the right direction. Looking back at how others pushed you can also remind you to be grateful for your career—something it’s all too easy to lose sight of during the daily grind.

Shared Experience

A common problem when we are younger is to think that our problems are ours alone. That nobody else experiences what we experience. That’s where a mentor’s chance to truly shine comes in. Sharing the trials you went through to get where you are is the epitome of mentorship.

Stories are how we grow as a civilization. How we learn what to do and what not to do. That’s why it’s important for your mentee to know that they can come to you about anything they’re experiencing.


Being a mentor is more than just helping another grow, it also solidifies your own skills and helps you grow. In continuing the tradition of mentorship, you continue the very aspect that helped humanity grow into what it is today.

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