Production Workers

Do you know the names of all your production workers? Do you know any of them? 

Depending on the number of workers on the shop floor, it may not be possible to know everyone by name. Still, you should know many of them, especially those who have been with you for some time. Building respect and trust with your people is essential and can directly impact the success of your business. 

Dealing with the various personalities within your company can also affect its overall safety program, which is about more than merely establishing safety rules and training employees to follow them. Here are a few things to consider as you create a safer work environment within the organization: 

Learn the names of many (or all) of your production employees.  

You can tear down many communication barriers when you recognize your workers by name. Make it your goal to learn as many names as possible, so you can walk through the plant and greet almost everyone by name. Have a few informal conversations, and ask them about their safety concerns. If they offer suggestions, listen carefully. The worker on the floor knows about any safety issues first-hand. These informal safety meetings can be even more productive than the “official” types. 

Thank production workers by name when you observe a safe act. 

Several studies have shown that positive reinforcement of good behaviors can be more effective than the punishment of harmful practices as far as adjusting future behavior. 

Be specific in pointing out the safe act you are praising. Also, do it in a timely and sincere manner. When you compliment your workers, you recognize their value to the safety and health of the entire organization, and you’re letting them know you appreciate their help. 

Lead the way on safety by setting the right example.  

Don’t underestimate the influence you have on your production workers. They learn much by watching you. Because of this, you must follow every safety rule carefully. When you go into the plant area, comply with the regulations by wearing safety glasses and ear protection, and require any visitors you’re taking through the shop to do the same. 

Visit the shop floor regularly. 

Walkthrough the production areas often to let your employees know that you are there for them and allowing them to offer suggestions and comments to you. Most of your production workers will appreciate being able to talk to you in person, plus it establishes that all-important line of communication. Your regular visits might provide you with opportunities to catch problems before they become serious. 

 Are you looking for more ways to create a safe working environment for your production workers? 

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