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You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: happy employees are productive workers! With all the stress of 2020, it’s important to make an effort to bring a smile to your employees—and you at the same time.  

When you keep your people smiling, you keep them working. When they feel that they are making a difference in your business and that you appreciate their contribution, you will have happy, conscientious workers.  

Here are a few suggestions that are sure to get even your grouchiest employees smiling:  

Treat them with respect

Remember your manners. They don’t cost anything, but they help your employees feel as if they have value. Talk to them individually and ask about their family, their interests, or even their problems. Listen attentively when they answer, so they feel respected and appreciated.  

Encourage your employees and praise them whenever it’s appropriate. Thank them when they are doing a good job, and let them know that you notice the value they bring to the organization.   

Be a caring employer

Brighten the workplace (and the mood) with better lighting or a fresh coat of paint. Another mood enhancer is a clean and orderly work environment. Clearing out the clutter will improve the atmosphere for everyone. Turn the break room into a playful setting where your workers can socialize, relax, and share a laugh or two.  

Permit your people to personalize their work area, within reason. They will get a sense of ownership and pride if they can call a space their own. Also, help your workers to achieve the proper work/life balance by allowing them to take time off for school events or to care for a sick child.  

Find reasons to celebrate  

Give your employees unexpected treats. When you do things for them spontaneously, it adds to the joy of the occasion. When you finish a project on time or under budget, have a pizza party. Did you hit your sales target for the quarter? Park the soft ice cream truck outside and let everyone choose their favorite flavor.  

Most events don’t have to be organized, but for those extraordinary occasions, you could assign a social committee to coordinate, promote, and hold the event.  

Keep your people involved

If your employees are going to feel supported and involved, schedule regular meetings where they can express their opinions and concerns. These meetings help the workers to feel valued and help the company to get vital information to improve the bottom line.  

Many companies encourage charity work where employees can donate time or money. They get to see the bigger picture and help them feel better when they volunteer their time and give back to the community.  

Can you think of other ways to make your employees smile?

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