Stop Fidgeting in Job Interviews

When you’re in an important job interview, it’s essential that you avoid fidgeting. After all, it’s said that body language can communicate as much, if not more, than verbal language. Your posture, arm positioning, and facial expressions can give tale-tell signs of confidence — or fear. In the same way, appearing overly nervous and anxious during a job interview can indicate a lack of preparation and competence.

Not to mention, excessive nervousness on your part can be uncomfortable for both you and the interviewer. And when interviewing for your dream job, you don’t want fidgeting, nail-biting, shifting your weight, or toe-tapping to distract the interviewer from hearing what you have to say.

It’s ok to feel nervous, but it’s best if you don’t show it because it could give the impression that you’re not paying attention or not prepared. That’s why having a plan to combat fidgeting can help avoid the jitters get the best of you. Here are a few tips to help you stay mindful of the message that your body language is communicating.

Talk With Your Hands

If you know, you’re prone to fidgeting with your hands, intentionally making subtle hand movements while speaking can help prevent awkward movements. Using hand gestures while speaking can also make you appear confident and engaging. But be careful because coming across as too animated and charismatic could have the opposite effect.

Clasp Your Hands When Not Speaking

When you finish speaking, rest your hands on the desk or your lap. Try clasping your hands together to avoid fidgeting with your fingernails, jewelry, or clothing. Resting or clasping your hands can also help from mindlessly fiddling with a pen, papers, your cell phone, or any other object that’s within reach.

Focus on Breathing

Adopting breathing practices both before and during the interview can help increase awareness of your body movements while providing a soothing effect. Focusing on your breathing throughout the interview can redirect nervous energy, helping you to speak calmly and appear relaxed. This can give an interviewer the opportunity to focus on your answers and why you’re a good fit for the position.

As well, try to avoid too much caffeine, which can intensify the jitters. Eating a balanced snack beforehand may also help stabilize your blood sugar levels and your mood.

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