Here are six ways automation can help your organization.

Good communication is the backbone of any successful company. You need to send reminders, relay messages with crucial information and data, and pass along inspiring words. Fortunately, now there’s technology available that can guarantee this communication happens. Setting up automated messages to convey essential information is a great way to keep your employees working efficiently and productively – and save you time to contribute to other areas of your business! Here are six ways automation can help your organization.

Keep Firm Deadlines

Set up a virtual spreadsheet or board that tracks projects, due dates and who’s responsible for which assignments and relevant smaller tasks. Allow anyone to update it and use it as a reference to hold people accountable and make sure projects and progressing according to schedule. Set aside time to send out pre-determined reminders to all important parties when a deadline is looming.

This will keep everyone on task, and no one will be able to say they didn’t know about a due date or that they were responsible for something.

Keep Meetings Efficient

Send out similar reminders to make sure anyone and everyone who needs to be at a meeting is there on time. If the meeting needs to be canceled last minute, set out a notice to let people know. Don’t waste your team’s time! It can be a text reminder or an announcement on your public TV screens that are strategically located around the office. You can also use automated timers to alert the person running the meeting when you need to move along to the next agenda item.

Stay Motivated

Set up a process for sharing messages with real-time feedback to showcase employees’ accomplishments and highlight team goals being met. This could come in the form of a company-wide email or other messages that the entire team receives.

Reward your team and your top performers with rewards and celebrations and don’t forget to recognize their efforts. Show your employees respect, and they’ll return that respect to you.

Maintain Clear Communication

When your communication is automated, there are standards that are set, reducing the chance for human error. Make sure your text reminders and email alerts are clearly worded so your employees know exactly what is expected of them.

Empower Your Team

By making sure that communication is clear and direct, employees will have a much better understanding of what’s going on, which means they’ll be in a better position to be planning ahead and asking questions. Be available for them to come to you informally and ask clarifying questions.

Make Sure Your Messages Are Read

Have TVs and visual display boards located in strategic locations around your office  lobbies, break rooms, common workspaces and more. Emails and text messages can often get ignored and become white noise in our daily flood of messages. But a common TV can also be a good place to post announcements, congratulations, motivational quotes and deadline reminders.

Technology has given employees and managers different methods of communication that can be used throughout the workday. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on how you utilize each tool and establish processes with your team. Find what works for your organization to keep your employees engaged, on track and motivated to do great work.

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