Photo of group fitness class to illustrate how to boost employee morale

Boosting employee morale has several benefits, including supporting a positive work environment and increasing productivity. High employee morale also helps in attracting top talent to your company and can even reduce staff turnover.

Ending the year on a positive note can include highlighting the year’s successes and promoting new benefits that will be available in the coming year. And although boosting morale in the workplace is an ongoing effort, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Here are five practical ways you can boost employee morale in 2022.

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

1. Express Gratitude

Meaningful recognition can go a long way. Whether it’s manager-to-peer or peer-to-peer recognition, highlighting the contributions of teams and individuals can help your staff see the culmination of their effort. As well, celebrating milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions conveys a sense of worth to your staff.

2. Bring in Food Trucks

Maybe it’s hard for your staff to take an off-campus lunch or maybe the restaurant selection near your business is a bit limited. Consider bringing in different food trucks on a weekly basis during lunch. Not only does this give staff something fun to look forward to each week, but it can also build company-wide comradery.

3. Group Fitness Programs

Whether it’s a 12-week boot camp or a jogging group, organizing an opportunity for a group fitness experience can boost employee morale and your staff’s well-being. Your company can host an introductory program or offering ongoing classes. You can bring a fitness instructor to campus or sponsor programs off-campus, either before or after work. You can even split your staff into teams and let the program second as a team challenge opportunity.

4. Implement an Employee App

Employee apps are a great way to prioritize communication and community in the workplace. The app can serve as an outlet for non-serious discussions among employees, which can be an outlet for stress. You can also highlight employee success, promote company wellness opportunities, and share insight from the higher-ups. With an employee app, your staff can access all company communication in one location, and the apps even allow for event registration.

5. Volunteer Programs

Company-sponsored volunteer programs can help build community among staff, while giving employees a meaningful way to engage with each other and in the community. When a company’s mission includes ensuring that staff has a sense of purpose within the organization, this can trickle down to improved employee satisfaction and productivity. And if you want to go a step farther, consider paid-release time for volunteer hours.

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