California extended unemployment benefits

Why Extended Unemployment Benefits Need to End?

It’s been a tough year for businesses and employees alike. The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on health, wellbeing, and the bottom line. The government stepped up to the challenge, offering extended unemployment for the many Americans who lost their jobs or were unable to work due to health or childcare issues and PPP programs to keep small businesses afloat through the crisis. But it’s time for those programs to end and here’s why.

Workplaces are Safer

Employers across the country took measures to ensure worker safety on the job. Sanitation and ventilation measures were put in place. Workspaces were rearranged to ensure social distancing, and masks were required. Many businesses check temperatures and ask several screening questions to check the health of anyone entering the building. It’s in the best interest of employers to keep employees healthy. An individual exposed to COVID-19 can lose two weeks of work. One who contracts the disease is likely to be out even longer. Employers have a financial incentive to provide a safe workplace.

Schools are Opening

One of the biggest factors in keeping people out of work is the fact that schoolchildren nationwide have been home – either learning virtually or homeschooling with their parents, making it impossible for parents to work. Now that many schools and daycare facilities are opening, parents with school-age children can get back to work. Employers will still need to maintain some flexibility as we find our way to normal because exposures can still send children home for quarantine, but we are definitely optimistic.

People are Getting Vaccinated

The nearly miraculous development of a safe and effective vaccine and an aggressive rollout plan has brought a level of safety and confidence to Americans that seemed impossible as recently as January. People are excited to resume many of their normal activities, from hugging a family member after a long year of going without or enjoying dinner at a favorite restaurant. These newly vaccinated workers will be looking to return to their former jobs or updating their resumes after having many months to consider whether they were on the correct career path.

Pay Rates are Going Up

The fact that some Americans were making more money on unemployment than they did for a full day’s work highlighted how far behind the cost-of-living wages had fallen. A higher federal minimum wage is likely to pass in the coming months, but savvy employers are not waiting but instead boosting pay rates to compete for the best talent. This proactive approach will make extended unemployment unnecessary in most sectors.

Candidates Choose Employers Who Care

The COVID-19 epidemic was called an unprecedented event for a reason. Some rose to the challenge, some overreacted and others buried their heads in the sand. It’s not too late to show employees and candidates that you take their health, safety, and careers seriously. Be vocal in your community and on social media regarding how you are a positive force for a return to normalcy. We’ll be able to reduce or eliminate dependence or stopgap programs by taking responsibility for getting people back to work safely and getting businesses back to productivity and profitability.

Partner With A Staffing Firm

There’s no better way to get access to people who are ready to get back to work now. Whether you need temporary staff to pick up the slack and meet tight production deadlines or if you’re ready to hire for vacant positions, there is no better resource than a knowledgeable staffing partner.

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