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The digital future is here and technology skills are no longer preferred, they are essential. The world is becoming increasingly digitized, and while we’re still far off from the science-fiction worlds built by Hollywood, the roles of employees and managers are changing.

Machines and software applications are handling many more routine tasks, and bigger decisions are being driven by data. This means managers can spend less time micromanaging day-to-day activities and more time thinking strategically and analyzing information to help their team succeed. Here are three skills managers need to succeed in the digital era.

Technology Skills in Your Field

Digital evolution can be a little intimidating, but if you want to stay relevant and in line with your competitors, you need to embrace technology skills. Even the most creative and intuitive fields are now relying on automation and data. Everything around you, even in your profession, incorporates the latest technological programs and applications, so strive to keep learning as much as possible so you’ll stay relevant.

Data is also a powerful driver when it comes to decision-making, but it takes a savvy brain to interpret the relevance and accuracy of the data and what it means for your business. You have to develop the insight and the knowledge to put those numbers in context and decide what other information you need to make sound business decisions.

Project Management Skills

Next, you need to be able to manage and drive projects, supporting and empowering your team instead of micromanaging people. With the ability to automate mundane, repeatable tasks, most projects will consist of tasks working on improving innovation, modernizing infrastructure and executing strategy.

Leaders can take a different type of oversight and spend time making sure that their employees have the resources, materials, and information they need to be successful. They might be reassessing team structure for certain projects, evaluating employees’ skills and talents to figure out roles and the best possible collaborations. Meanwhile, employees will be free from micromanagement and making their own decisions, striving for greater efficiency as well as increased productivity and growth.

Ability to Communicate Technical Concepts

Communication is a critical skill to have no matter what you do and what your role is. As a manager, you need to use technology skills to communicate both horizontally and vertically with others in your organization. With digital innovations bringing greater access to data and decision-making capabilities, managers will need to collect and disseminate information as quickly as possible in a way that others can quickly interpret.

A solid network of decision makers to collaborate and communicate will help ensure that issues are taken care of as soon as possible. As a manager, if you can master data interpretation and turn that into strategies to support your business’s growth, the better off you’ll be. If you fail to learn technology skills and the data that’s made available, you won’t be able to compete and other companies will pass you by.

Technology Can Drive Success

Being a successful manager in the digital era requires an awareness of the tools and data available as well as the ability to communicate those insights and help your team succeed. Once you can master both of those skills, it’s time to take all the technology and data available and convert it into actionable business decisions.

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