Photo of happy employees to illustrate Employee Value Proposition.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) describes the non-monetary benefits that an employee receives in exchange for the experience and contribution they bring to your organization. The purpose of an EVP is to attract top talent and increase employee retention.

In the same way, your EVP can convey a clear and powerful sense of your company’s values and mission to shareholders and customers. This can assist in emphasizing a positive perception of your company’s business ethics and work culture and in the community and marketplace.

Tips for Improving Employee Value Proposition


Identify Key Selling Points of Your EVP

Your company’s key selling points highlight why someone would want to work for your company. These points should focus on employee benefits, career development, and company culture.

One way to identify key points is to survey current employees. Find out things like why they like working at your company and what keeps them engaged on the job day-to-day. Understanding what motivates your top employees can help fine-tune and communicate your EVP when recruiting new talent.

Promote Your EVP

Clearly communicating the essence of your EVP when recruiting new talent can help prospective candidates visualize what it could be like working for your company. Integrating your EVP throughout the hiring process can also help identify if candidates are a good fit for the job.

And don’t forget to incorporate your EVP in your company’s branding, marketing, and PR pieces. This can serve to present a compelling and positive message centering on your business’s image across various platforms.

Keep Your Employee Value Proposition Relevant

Revisit your company’s EVP annually. Make sure the image that you’re portraying matches what it’s really like to work at your company. Interview current employees to make sure your EVP is aligned with their employment experience with your company.

This is important because by keeping your EVP consistent with your employee experience, you can ensure that current employees feel connected to your business’s image and compelled to promote your business’s brand.

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