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What Do Employers Learn From Your Social Media?

If you think that hiring managers aren’t really checking your social media profiles, then think again. Have you heard of employers rejecting a candidate based on something they learned about them online?

You’re probably already using social media a lot for your personal life, but you have to think about it from the perspective of a potential employer. Do you have any content on your pages that could hurt your chances of getting hired for jobs in Victorville, Calif. How can you make sure you have the right information in your profiles? Here’s what you can do to make sure your social media profiles leave potential employers with a positive first impression.

Clean It Up

For starters, take down any inappropriate photos and content. No employer wants to see photo from a night out partying in college. They don’t want see any drug and alcohol references, profane language, tirades or rants bashing a previous employer – and they definitely don’t want to learn you’ve lied about your qualifications.

Delete anything you don’t want future employers to see or change those settings to private. You might even try Googling yourself to see what comes up – it might surprise you! Cleaning up your existing presence is the first step before building a new one.

Choose Your Profile Picture Wisely

Choose your profile picture carefully. It should be clear and professional, as it might be the first image hiring managers see of you. A default or missing profile picture looks lazy, as do pictures that are blurry or of poor quality. Choose a picture of yourself that you’re comfortable with anyone seeing – including hiring managers!

Show Off Your Interests

Keep in mind: you can control what hiring managers do see. They’re looking for a good personality, a wide range of interests and what makes you unique. They may want to assess your social conduct, predict your professionalism and determine whether you’ll fit into the company culture. Share about your hobbies, passions and interests, and showcase any work accomplishments you want to highlight. If you volunteer or are involved in a cause, post about it. If you love mountain biking or distance running or photography, show that off, too.

Share Relevant Content

In order to build a professional presence, use social media to convey your professional interests too. Share content that’s interesting and relevant to your industry and provide your insight. Follow and like individuals and companies that are related to your field. Potential employers like to see that you’re sincerely interested in industry news, trends and issues.

Network With the Right People

Aside from making sure you’re showing the right information to the general public and thus, potential employers, be sure to connect with the right people. Let everyone know that you’re seeking a new job and what you’re looking for and reach out to people who might be useful in your job search.

Use Social Media to Help Find Jobs in Victorville

Social media – used correctly – can be a valuable asset on your job search. The content you share and the information you include can leave a great impression with hiring managers and give you a leg up on the competition. Ready to put your social media skills to use to find new jobs in Victorville? Apply today with ICR Staffing Services!

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