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Small businesses are having a tough go of it these days. But one constant that never changes is change itself––and while there’s no secret formula for small businesses to stay competitive in an ever-changing world, one way to stay ahead of the turbulence is by hiring elite talent. However, your business’s ability to attract that level of talent includes more than wooing candidates with competitive salaries and benefits.

Employees want to feel that they’re making a meaningful investment with their time and energy––and they certainly don’t want the silent dread of possibly looking for a new job again in six months because they aligned themselves with a company plagued by weak management and poor vision execution.

Alas, here are two top skills that can give your business a competitive edge, and give your candidates buy-in confidence, when hiring top talent in an everchanging business landscape.

Maintain Your Adaptability

Adaptability can be defined as the ability and aptitude to adjust to change. Both local and global small business scenes are constantly being subjected to advances in technology and business philosophy. These advances stimulate change in everything from an organization’s marketing trends to its hiring strategies.

An organization’s adaptability is attractive to potential hires because those businesses tend to remain competitive and relevant. This translates to an increased sense of job security for employees.

Exercise Your Decisiveness

The ability to efficiently execute decisions is a key practice for small business success as well. This skill can offer a critical perception aptitude in performance to employees because endless meetings and email chains usually hinder them from focusing on their responsibilities––which, in turn, increases stress and decreases productivity.

Decision-making isn’t just about a small business’s ability to embrace risk either––decision-making agility also highlights with what degree of business intelligence that an organization is operating. Employees want to sense that management is prepared to traverse a variety of outcomes with the least amount of fallout.

Strengthen Your Adaptive Skills

When evaluating your organization’s practices that influence growth, look for areas of improvement and solicit feedback from staff regarding performance. When facing decisions, working smarter, not harder, can keep your entire organization aligned with and committed to the vision. And a lack of adaptability tends to erode staff confidence.

Small Business Success

Success is much more than just survival. Your small business’s ability to field change communicates organizational resilience to job seekers. Taking action, learning from mistakes, and always looking for new opportunities gives your business the upper hand when navigating uncertainly and complexity.

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