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attitude problem

Do you have an attitude problem? Do you ever feel that managing relationships and expectations at work is difficult?

Occasionally feeling grouchy is one thing but habitually being angry or disagreeable can be a big problem. Maybe the problem isn’t with your coworkers or your management. Maybe it’s with you.

How to Notice If There is An Attitude Problem at Work

Here are four signs that your attitude is the cause of your problems at work.

Envy is your middle name. Do you experience a bout of jealously whenever a coworker gets a promotion or successfully completes a project? Envy of others’ success can rob you of appreciating your own success and valuing your own professional journey.

Carrying grudges and always comparing yourself to others are unhealthy behaviors can prevent you from enjoying your job.

You have an argumentative personality. Is it possible that no idea is a good idea unless it’s your idea? Or maybe you don’t receive constructive criticism well from team members or management. Either way, if the opinion of others rubs you as an annoyance, you may actually be the annoying (and miserable) one.

Thriving on conflict could be another indicator that your argumentative spirit is making your life miserable.

Your perspective is always negative. You know the type: the glass is half empty, rather than half full. The type that is the first to spout “we can’t do that”. If all you can see are the barriers to a project or idea, negativity may be spoiling professional experience.

Your struggle from imposter syndrome. If you find yourself thinking that your success is only due to luck and that one day everyone is going to see you for the failure that you really are, odds are, going to work every day is quite miserable. Imposter syndrome leads you to believe that you’re not good enough and you’re left with the dread of being discarded. It erodes your confidence and robs you of celebrating and building upon your achievements.

How To Improve Attitudes at The Workplace

If you find that your attitude problem is dragging your down at work, there are ways to overcome it, and ICR is here to help!

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