Resume tips are plentiful on the Web, but how much time have you really spent on putting together an excellent resume? A well-crafted resume demonstrates a conscientious approach and strong attention to detail. Most employers want to see a document that is thoughtfully and meticulously composed and presents the information they need to make a quick assessment of your strength as a candidate.

You should tailor your resume to fit each job you apply for so that you can highlight the skills and qualifications for each job. Obviously, grammar and spelling mistakes are killers, so take the time to proofread carefully. How else can you review your resume to make a polished first impression when applying for jobs near Victorville, California?

Here are some resume tips to keep in mind during your job hunt.

Keep it Concise

You next employer doesn’t need to know every single detail about each job you’ve had. Focus on the highlights. What were the most important skills you learned? What were the most significant accomplishments? Your resume should only be one, maybe two pages, particularly if you’re a recent graduate or relatively new to the workforce. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make it more readable.

Tailor the Experiences You Include

Some hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes and applications for one single job opening. Make it easy for them to find the information you want them to see! Since they only spend a few seconds on each resume, don’t include any information that’s outdated or irrelevant. If you’re applying for an accounting job, the employer probably doesn’t care that you were a lifeguard for two summers in high school. Instead, you should restrict your qualifications that are pertinent to accounting and use the specific keywords that are used in the job posting. This way, your resume will echo those skills and requirements the employer is looking for, helping them identify you as a top candidate for the job.

Claiming Non-Specific Accomplishments

 Potential employers want to see how you encountered problems, identified solutions and added value to your company. So make those accomplishments really stand out by adding numerical quantifiers. If you’re able to add percentages, precise figures, and dollar amounts, you’ll give your accomplishments more weight. Instead of simply stating, “saved my employer money,” you can say, “cut overhead expenses by 20 percent.” Not only does it give your claim more legitimacy, hiring managers can get excited about the fact that you think in terms of how you can benefit a business!

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off

No one wants to seem arrogant or narcissistic when applying for a job, but it’s perhaps the only time in life when it’s acceptable to brag about yourself. Share information about promotions, awards, prizes, bonuses or any other type of recognition you received at work. Even if it’s simply that your last manager always praised you for your punctuality or meticulous reports, brag about that!

The first step to creating a great resume is getting noticed by the hiring manager. Once you have their attention, however, you only have a short period of time to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best candidate for the job!

Make sure your resume contains all the information the employer needs and use the four tips above to format it in a way that helps you break through the clutter on the job hunt. Ready to get to work? For more resume tips and advice, visit our blog at ICR Staffing Services, a leading staffing agency in Victorville, California, today.

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