Crafting the perfect resume is a truly an art form. You have to make your job come alive in a way that proves you added value to your employer. The truth is that verbs, adjectives and fancy adverbs mean are best supplemented by having some hard numbers to back them up.

It’s easy to do when you’re in sales or accounting, for example – you can prove how much money you were able to save the company. Other professions aren’t so easy. Here are some tips on how to add quantities to your resume – even if you aren’t great at working with numbers. Looking for great job opportunities near Victorville? Let ICR Staffing Services help you on your journey. 

Use a Range

Sometimes you might not know the exact number of employees you trained, how many customer service queries you handled or how many cold calls you made. But you can at least give a range. Giving a strong estimate within a modest range can be an effective substitute for concrete data – one that you can elaborate on in the interview. Since the numbers likely varied over time, you’re at least giving it your best guess, highlighting your accomplishment in a way that shows your impact. 

Estimate the Frequency

Another number you can add is the frequency. Use a number to describe how often you completed a certain task. You edited 50 articles each week, interviewed 2 to 3 job candidates every day or conducted safety audits every quarter. Show how much you were responsible for and how much you can handle on a regular basis. 

Think About Time

Besides frequency, consider time in terms of deadlines. Brag about how quickly you turned around payroll activities or researched potential new markets and planned out new marketing strategies. Companies need employees who can manage their time and work quickly, so grab their attention by showing how efficient and productive you are. 

Use Multipliers to Show Monetary Scale

Remember that you can always use monetary figures to show how you contributed to your employers. Companies want to see that you helped your previous employer save or earn more money. 

Perhaps you helped to make a procedure more efficient, helping your company churn out twice as many products. Give a rough estimate of how much money that action saved the company, multiplied by the number of times you did that action. Or maybe you negotiated a discount with some of your wholesalers. That discount, multiplied by the number of times you purchased from that company, would give you a rough idea of how much you saved your employer. 

Show Off Your Awards and Bonuses

Don’t forget things like performance rank, awards you won, or promotions you earned. Mention that you were the number one salesperson. Be specific about when and how long. Describe any awards you won with the exact title and when you won it. If you quickly moved up the ranks in your company – from sales agent to sales manager in just three months – mention that too. 

Your resume is the first impression potential employers receive from you, and they are looking for an accurate assessment of what you could add to their team as a person and as an employee. Showcasing the value you can add to their company is a surefire way to stand out from your competition on the job hunt! ICR Staffing Services is a leading staffing agency in Victorville, CA that can help with your search for new employment. Contact us today.


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