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Whether you’re a recent grad or making a career change, trying to land entry level jobs in your field can be exasperating when encountering request after request for two-plus years of relevant work experience. But how strict are employers when it comes to granting interview opportunities to candidates who don’t meet the minimum experience requirements included in a job posting

Understanding an employer’s perspective towards filling a position and their eagerness to find a candidate with relevant personal success and enthusiasm can help you strategize how to stand out from the applicant pool.

Play Up Your Skills When Applying for Entry Level Jobs

Just because you don’t have the specific work experience described in a job posting doesn’t mean you don’t have other skills that the employer is seeking. Your soft skills, life experience, and other work experience all play a role in convincing prospective employers to give you a chance.

Position both your cover letter and your resume to play up any projects, achievements, and related work responsibilities. If you’re not sure how to do this, you may want to seek out help from a resume writing service. Even though you might not have the necessary experience, making every effort to present a strong resume can make a difference when an employer is on the fence about reaching out for an interview.

Often, the ideal candidate outlined in a job posting is simply an employer’s wish list. As well as previous training, employers are often looking for strong work patterns and consistencies in your academic and professional history. Consider how you can focus on proving your longevity and commitment in other situations, which can demonstrate your aptitude to get the job done.

Get Exposure to Your Target Industry

Transferable skills such as management, problem-solving, creativity, and communication, as well as internships, apprenticeships, and part-time jobs can exhibit your professional potential. Network with other professionals in your target industry. Find out what they did when starting out. Connect with the company’s current employees on social media to learn what’s most important when seeking employment with that business.

Preparing for interviews is another way to increase your exposure and knowledge when it comes to learning about your target industry. Researching your prospective job and even associated entry level jobs can demonstrate initiative in preparing for your career. Make sure you can verbally demonstrate your understanding of the job realities, your ability to apply relevant skills, and your passion to persevere through training and transitions.

Finally, if you’re still unsure about sending your resume but think you meet 80% of the job listing’s requirements, give it a shot. Even if the employer chooses another candidate with more related work experience, participating in interviews gives you the opportunity to learn about your industry and develop your interviewing skills.

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