Photo of sunglasses at the beach to illustrated How to Stay Engaged During the Summer.

Warm weather and sunshine are hallmarks of the summer vacation season…but what about all those weeks that you’re stuck at work instead of hitting the beach? How can you avoid burnout and keep yourself motivated with your job? Here is how to stay engaged during the summer:

Set Seasonal Goals (and Plan a Big Reward!)

You can do this alone or with other members of your team. At the beginning of the summer, brainstorm a few work projects that you really want to accomplish before the end of the quarter. Break them into specific goals and milestones, with an overall goal of finishing by August. Then come up with a nice reward for achieving your summer goals. If you’re going it alone, maybe plan a weekend away. If you’re working with others in the office, consider a fun outing like an escape room or a couple of rounds of mini golf.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

If you aren’t able to work outside, spruce up your workspace with a few plants. Open the windows for fresh air, or at least raise the blinds to let the sunshine in. Put up some pictures from your last summer vacation, and consider playing some island music.

Ask for Summer Hours

Talk to your boss about the summer slump. See if he would be open to half-day Fridays or every other Friday off for the next few months. Success will depend largely on how busy your company normally is during the summer, as well as your employer’s personality, but nothing ventured nothing gained! Bonus points if you can get a few coworkers to make the request together.

Suggest Summer Events

There’s no question that working with your friends, or at least friendly acquaintances, makes the time pass faster and more pleasantly. So take advantage of the long days of summer to start building deeper connections. Talk to your coworkers about starting a weekly happy hour or a monthly team building activity.

It’s normal to feel less productive during the long, hot summer. But following these simple tips can help you survive and even enjoy your summertime work.

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