How to Show Employee Appreciation

Why does it benefit your company to show valuable employees how you’re thankful for them? They’ll work harder, stay more focused, produce more and stay loyal to your company longer. Offering more money is a common solution, but it isn’t always the answer to showing your employees you appreciate them.

Different rewards work for different people, but here are three ways you can show your employee appreciation.

1. Provide Professional Learning Opportunities

By offering your employees the chance to expand their horizons, you’re offering them the chance to expand their earnings and advance their careers. This is a valuable gift and demonstrates that you’re willing to make investments in their abilities and in their future. This could come in the form of a workshop or conference they can attend, or simply giving them additional duties they’ve been working towards to expand their experience or leadership skills.

The new challenges help employees develop new skills and be more comfortable with expanded responsibilities. If you show your top employees how you see promise in them, the hope is they’ll commit their talents to your company for the long-term. By investing in their development, you’ll eventually see returns in your company’s talent retention.

2. Set Up Peer Recognition Programs

People respond well to recognition and praise from their peers. In fact, sometimes it means even more when the positive feedback comes from a peer and not a supervisor. Establish an employee appreciation program or meeting time or utilize an online system where employees and managers can give each other kudos, congratulations and high-fives. You can hold contests to see who gets the most rewards and who gives the most awards. If you commend the recognizers, you’ll enhance the strength of the program.

Many employees enjoy the extra opportunity to not only hear positive feedback but to provide it as well. These rewards will keep your employees focused, more productive and more engaged.

3. Facilitate Health and Well-being

Healthy people make better employees. They use less sick time and have more energy throughout the day. If you can implement a wellness program that rewards employees for healthy activities, your employees will know that you care about them. Your employees who already invest time in self-health will be grateful for the extra bonus, and those who don’t will now have an incentive for self-improvement, to work out, to eat better or to lose weight.

No matter how you choose to show employee appreciation, it will certainly be appreciated. Remind your team of their accomplishments of the last year. This helps to keep employees motivated to do great work as you set new goals for your team to meet.

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