Photo of well dressed woman illustrating Re-entering the job market.

Re-entering the job market after being out for any period of time can feel intimidating. But it can also be an exciting time, especially in light of recent job growth stats.

When beginning the job search process, it’s helpful to be aware that the landscape of job hunting has changed in recent years––as has the process of applying for jobs. Knowing how to market your skills and experience could be key to landing your next gig.

So here are some tips for a successfully re-entering he job market.

Get Digitally Competent

Chances are, the bulk of your application process will occur digitally. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re savvy with digital communication. That means being comfortable with using email, setting up and accessing accounts with hiring companies and job sites, and using video platforms like Zoom.

Keep in mind that demonstrating proficiency with digital tools will also show employers that you can handle digital responsibilities on the job as well.

Update Your Skills

Regardless of the reason for your absence, a rule of thumb is to be honest with prospective employers about why you’ve been out of the workforce. But equally important is taking time to make sure your skills are up to date and match what employers’ need.

Updating your skills by taking certification or training courses will show employers that you’re serious about getting back to work. As well, when you participate in various types of trainings, you’ll likely find an opportunity to network with individuals who have connections to job openings.

Know Where to Look

While local newspapers and job fairs still have relevance when looking for work, don’t underestimate the value of the internet. Social media, job sites, recruiters, and job staffing companies are where managers are investing their hiring efforts these days. There are even virtual job fairs held that’ll allow you to chat with employers.

However, if your field is highly specialized or you’ve run out of luck with your own searches, you may want to recruit a head hunter to help find leads.

Know How to Apply

When re-entering the job market, a one-size-fits-all resume is no longer enough to land an interview. With today’s technology, hiring managers are able to use software to filter applicant resumes. The software targets keywords and phrases within resumes that are specific to the job opening. This makes hiring easier for managers, but it may also mean you’re getting overlooked.

Even if you have tons of experience, your resume may not get flagged if it doesn’t include industry lingo mentioned in the job listing. On the contrary, incorporating keywords in your resume can help spotlight you as a candidate. An employment specialist can help you modernize your resume and provide just the right touch in highlighting your skills and experience.

Whether you’re looking to go back to work full-time or temporarily, ICR Staffing is here to help.

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