Photo illustrating injuries on the job.

Injuries on the job can be devastating for workers and their families. As well, the damages and even loss of life can cost companies millions of dollars. Yet, on the contrary, safe workplaces increase employee productivity, decrease equipment downtime, and are appealing to new recruits.

Knowing the negative impacts that workplace injuries and illnesses can have, why is safety on the job still so problematic? Lack of training, lax safety practices, and disregard for safety protocol could be to blame.

Groups that Contribute to Injuries on the job

From upper management to the custodial team, it’s imperative that every person on site understand and practice safety protocol. Rather than keeping employees safe and equipment operational, inconsistencies and lapses in safety can cause life-threatening situations. And practicing workplace safety isn’t only about protecting the worker who’s observing the policies, workplace safety can also keep the space safe for other team members.

Here are two employee populations that pose the highest risk when it comes to injuries on the job.

New Employees

New employees can pose a higher threat to workplace safety because they tend to be unfamiliar with the environment and with company safety policies and procedures. They may also have low proficiency in operating equipment, and they may be less confident when it comes to reaching out for help and training. New hires are less likely to identify hazards this reduced awareness can increase safety risks.

But, this doesn’t have to be a permanent problem––adequate safety training during on-boarding and orientation can help limit new employee safety vulnerabilities. Demonstrating proficiency via assessment and periodically reinforcing policies can help bring new employees up to speed.

Veteran Employees

Veteran employees can struggle with complacency due to their familiarity with the job environment. In addition, they may feel that they can out-smart the system by cutting corners or even feel compelled to ignore various policies that they see as unnecessary. Seasoned workers may also assume every job site is the same and, unfortunately, pay poor attention to common hazards and risks.

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