How to Prevent Burnout on the Job

At the beginning of a new work day, you should feel refreshed and energized, ready to tackle your goals. For some, however, the December holiday season becomes a never-ending string of work and family commitments, leading to feelings of burnout. Burnout can lead to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, which hampers your ability to excel at work and enjoy time with family and friends.

Burnout can extend for long periods of time. If your burnout is affecting your job satisfaction and it’s time to find new jobs in Victorville, start your search today with ICR Staffing Services. In order to avoid burnout and prepare to hit your goals, here are five steps on how to prevent burnout on the job.

How to Prevent Burnout on the Job? Understand the Causes

Burnout can be a sign you’re overworked or not taking adequate time to rest and recover. For others, it could also be a sign you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, or that you’re not effectively setting boundaries between home and work. Whatever the reasons, if you understand the root cause of your stress or unhappiness and figure out how to combat it, you’ll be able to avoid burnout.

Pace Yourself

Are you working at a breakneck pace? Allow yourself to rediscover the passion and excitement that ignites your career. If you are in a job that meets the goals you want to set and you enjoy it, look for ways to manage the stress brought on during the holiday season and improve from there. If you are in a job that is taking you away from your family and you’re not enjoying it, perhaps finding a new job will be high on your list.

Minimize the Tedious Tasks

Take an inventory of your daily responsibilities and tasks. Which ones make you feel anxious, worried or frustrated? Jot down ways that you can eliminate any of those tasks or modify the situations so that you can reduce the stress. See if you can tweak each one so that they motivate you. For example, you might ask to take the minutes of a “boring” meeting to keep yourself more engaged. If you are doing repetitive work for most of the day, see if you can listen to music or podcasts to break up the monotony.

Ask for New Challenges

Take charge of your career and ask your manager for different ways you can contribute if you’re looking to make a change in your day-to-day requirements. Chances are if you have been in one position for a long time, your role has evolved since you started. If not, the end of one year and the start of another is a great time to address proposed changes to your role with your manager.
Think about what work motivates and excites you and ask if you can take on more responsibility like that. Find new ways you can add value to the company in a way that helps you towards your career goals.

Switch Up Your Routine

Remember that your career is totally in your hands. Take control of it by establishing a routine. Throw in some new activities to maintain your health and fitness throughout the work week. Take lunch with friends, use your breaks to learn something new or squeeze in a daily walk, meditation or workout. Prioritize your most stressful or least exciting tasks in the morning to get the weight off your back and keep the rest of the day productive.

The fall season is meant to be one where you can reflect on the past year, prepare for the year to come and enjoy being around family and friends. With proper time management and the right approach, you can beat burnout and prevent it entirely.

Looking for more ways to prevent burnout on the job? Work with the staffing team at ICR Staffing Services. Contact us today to get started on the path towards your resolutions.

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