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Is your work-life balance misaligned?  If you’ve been out of work for any length of time or if you experienced remote work during the pandemic, chances are that you enjoyed the autonomy and flexibility. Having control over your schedule and having more time to do the things you enjoy will definitely make you think twice about a 40-hour workweek. But maybe the issue isn’t work itself, but rather how to better manage the balance between work and home.

If you’re struggling with how to achieve a healthier work-life balance, consider looking for a job with a hybrid schedule that allows you to work from an alternate location a few days a week. Or maybe a flex schedule is right for you. But if evening or weekend shifts aren’t possible in your profession, you may want to consider a part-time position or a reduced workweek to make returning to work more manageable.

Are You in The Wrong Career?

It is possible that you’re in the wrong career––or at least the wrong position. But before you jump ship altogether, consider if you’d be happier doing your job in a different environment, with a different schedule, or with a different boss. Sometimes it’s not the what but the where and who that are the problem.

However, if you’re certain it’s time for a career change, look into the possibility of apprenticeships, mentorships, and online training to begin the transition. Switching to a career that offers on-the-job training can save you out-of-pocket expenses. And, you may find that a career change is easier than you realize.

Do You Struggle With Anxiety?

Maybe you feel that your lack of desire to work is due to the lack of fulfillment from work. But if you’re struggling with any type of mental health issue, it can severely reduce your motivation as well. Anxiety and other disorders not only impact your ability to work but they also affect your overall quality of life.

Evaluate if you feel disinterested in activities that you once enjoyed. And is your low energy level are connected to poor sleep, or is there something else going on? If you’re experiencing symptoms like fatigue, depression, excessive worrying, and even irritability, you may want to check with your doctor for support.

Before making any big changes, make sure to ask yourself, “why do you want to change jobs?” and “what would you rather be doing?” Assess the factors that you are able to change and the ones you have no control over. Then, once you have a better idea of where you see your future self, write down a plan and get moving.

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