It’s competitive out there. Do you want to know how to increase your value as an employee? You want to make sure you’re leading the pack at work and making yourself indispensable to your employer. Next thing you know you’ll be up for a raise or promotion, and there’s no better way to stand out than to work hard and show that they simply won’t be as valuable without you.

Taking ownership of your work and learning what more you can do is the first step in this process. Here’s how to increase your value as an employee.

Get to Know the Company

Figure out how the company works and the basic operating structure. Know who reports to whom and which teams and departments work together and for what purposes. Once you understand your role within the company, you gain a better picture of how your job contributes to your company’s business.

You never know where your career might take you. The more you know about how an organization functions, the better. Understanding your role in the company is the first step towards maximizing your value and working towards greater responsibilities.

Boast About Yourself

Don’t be too loud or obnoxious about it, but make sure to discuss the ways you go above and beyond with your manager. Brag a little – modestly, of course – and let the quality of your work speak for itself. This also provides an opportunity to show off the quality of your work. If your manager is impressed, it may open an opportunity to expand your role or take on more ownership of a project or task.

Learn to Innovate

Start thinking of ideas that can save your company time and money. When you go to pitch the ideas to your supervisor, make sure you’ve thought them through from every possible angle. You’ll probably receive criticism and need to defend your opinions, so be prepared. The more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be and the more credible your ideas will seem.

Know the Difference Between Better and Different

Recommending a change to a process or task is another way to show your involvement at work. As you’re brainstorming new ideas that will wow your boss, remember that you shouldn’t try to fix anything that isn’t actually broken. Focus on progress, not arbitrary changes.

Save It, Don’t Delete It

Keep important emails and other electronic data on file. Keep track of crucial communications and confirmations so you make sure there’s a paper trail of big decisions and assignments to refer to. It helps prevent confusion and keeps a record of accountability.

Value Real Communication

Electronic communications are hugely important, but face-to-face conversations might be more important. This is how real relationships, which you’ll need to problem-solve, coordinate and collaborate, are formed. If you can’t interact effectively with all types of people, you won’t be that valuable to your company.

Learn to Listen

Pay attention to directions and make sure you fully understand who ranks above you and whose viewpoints you need to respect. Figure out who in your company is most revered and who is full of sage advice. If you can, seek out a mentor. Mentorship can help you learn tips and suggestions from the experience of more senior coworkers.

Ready to Take Your Work to the Next Level?

Being a top performer at work starts with recognizing your work’s value to the company. From there, you can learn how to excel in your role and eventually grow and take on more responsibility.

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