Sometimes you find a job, read the description and instantly have the feeling it’s right for you! There’s just one problem: you come to realize you don’t meet all the requirements.

Don’t lose heart, as you can certainly still apply. If you really believe this job is a good fit for you, one that you’d love and could excel in, you should apply and make sure to describe what you could bring to the position.

ICR Staffing Services can help you find jobs in Victorville that get you towards your dream job and prepare you for success in your next interview. Here are seven ways to showcase your skills and land that interview, even if you’re not the perfect fit.

How to get an interview? Focus on Your Transferable Skills

Sometimes the skills requirements in a job description are just general guidelines. Intangible skills like teamwork, punctuality and communication skills transfer between any job. Highlight your skills that drive who you are as a professional – your ability to be organized, be on time, problem-solve, communicate effectively, work hard and follow directions.

Wow Them With Your Past Accomplishments

Maybe you worked another job in the past where you weren’t the perfect fit, but you learned quickly, took initiative and delivered amazing results. Showcasing your growth and the accomplishments that came from that growth will go a long way throughout the application process.

Find a Contact or Reference at the Company

If you feel you’re mostly qualified for the job and just missing a few skills posted on the description, you should absolutely apply. Contacting someone at the company you know can help you show your passion for the position and get a foot in the door. Activate your network and find someone you know who already works for the company.

Determine What the Employer Needs

Figure out which of the job requirements are absolute must-haves the company won’t negotiate on. If you have those skills, highlight them! Those are probably the requirements they’ll look for first, so make sure the wording of your resume and cover letter matches those qualifications.

Show Your Value in Your Cover Letter

A cover letter is a great opportunity to show off who you really are. Highlight your qualifications, strengths and ways you can make valuable contributions to their company. A cover letter is an excellent area to highlight specific achievements or characteristics you’d like the hiring manager to know that might not have fit on your resume.

Be Passionate

Your enthusiasm will show through during your interview! Skills and additional training can be provided by an employer, but passion for a job or an industry cannot. Do some research about the company you’re interviewing with and learn about how your values tie into their work.

Sell Yourself

Remember: no matter how qualified you are, it’s still up to you to sell your qualifications, experience, and passion enthusiasm for a role. Job descriptions are often a description of what their idea of the perfect candidate looks like. It’s up to you to convince them you’re the best fit and you have the skills and drive to succeed.

Just because you don’t match every single item on the job posting doesn’t mean you won’t be a great fit for a job. With the proper preparation and initiative to follow through, you can utilize your transferable skills and past accomplishments to show how you are the best fit for the position and the company. 

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