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When you have a vacant position in your company, the search to discover talent can put a burden on your entire team. The rest of your team has to compensate and take on an increased share of responsibilities. If you struggle to fill the position for weeks or even months, your business could fall behind and miss opportunities to grow.

How can businesses combat this problem? Building a strategy to address staffing concerns and find the talent you need quickly is a great place to start! Here are three steps to help discover talent quicker. 

1. Make it easy for candidates to express their interest

First, think like a job seeker. If they’re interested in an opening at your company, what’s their next step? Make it obvious to them. It should be easy to access the career page on your company’s website and search jobs – make it both desktop- and mobile-friendly. Many people search for jobs on their phones and they need to be able to find options and apply with the click of a button.

Your application process should be easy to navigate and transparent. Provide a portal through which interested job seekers can send or upload their resumes even if they don’t see a job posting they are immediately interested in. By doing so, you can keep a pool of interested, motivated candidates in mind for when you need to hire quickly.

2. Shorten your application process

For many businesses, a lengthy application and hiring process can help you gather more information and give you better data to sift through. It’s a good thought, but the reality is that most job seekers are in a hurry and want to spend minimal time on their job hunt.

When it comes to screening your candidates, you can probably give them a more accurate assessment with a face-to-face interview and by checking references. Keep your application process as brief as possible and communicate as frequently as you can with interested job seekers.

Most people get frustrated and disinterested if they don’t hear back from the company they applied to. Keep everyone in the loop once they apply, and they’ll be impressed with your service and attention.

3. Discover talent in new places

There are lots of qualified and talented candidates roaming the world who aren’t necessarily actively seeking a new job. Some might be still in school, others might be already employed and just casually browsing job boards or social media, and still others might be employed and not even aware of the next challenge that awaits them. You have to meet those candidates where they are in order to make sure they know you’re hiring.

Check out career fairs and other on-campus recruiting events. Try to discover talent at an industry-wide conference or workshop. Post on social media as much as you can so you make those casual job seekers aware of what your company has to offer. Make sure candidates know why your business is a desirable and exciting place to work and you will make your positions more attractive for candidates to apply to.

If qualified job seekers are not applying to your openings, your business will benefit by connecting with candidates and making sure they can find your job postings. By developing a proactive plan to discover talent for your open positions, you can be ready for openings in your business and fill those positions quickly. Contact ICR Staffing Services, a leading staffing agency in Victorville, to help advance your hiring process and find your top employees first.

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