Self Reflection

Self Reflection Questions You Should Ask Yourself Each Morning.

Have you made self reflection a daily habit? Asking questions of yourself can help you line up your priorities and motives and set yourself up so you can be productive and effective at work each day. Here are seven questions you can ask yourself to prepare for a great work day.

1. What do I need to accomplish today? 

Look at the tasks ahead of you. During your self reflection, determine which are the most urgent and focus on those. Skip over the ones that are time-fillers or that are the easiest to do. You’re only at work for a few more hours, so the things you dedicate your time and energy towards are the only ones you’ll accomplish. 

2. Are there things I can put off until tomorrow? 

Eliminate the tasks that don’t need to be done today. As you figure out what you need to do today, keep the things on your list that will set yourself up for productivity tomorrow. Keep your schedule free of lower-priority tasks that will likely not get done. 

3. Is this going to add value to me and to the organization? 

To really prioritize your tasks for the day, ask yourself during self reflection whether the items on your checklist are on there just because someone ordered them or whether they add value to your company. Which items are important, making you and make your company more efficient? 

4. Am I finishing this task because it needs to be done? 

Or am I just finishing it because I don’t like to leave things incomplete? Is it a big deal if the work doesn’t get finished? Sometimes we finish tasks just because they’ve been assigned to us or because a boss is waiting to have the project on their desk. But if it’s not a useful project, don’t waste your time on it. 

5. Is the pressure to finish an assignment coming from me or someone else? 

Sometimes we feel pressure to complete a task simply because we’re perfectionists and we need to accomplish our to-do lists to consider it a successful day. So, we overextend ourselves to check off every last item. Other times, we feel like a boss is breathing down our necks and we need to please them. You can minimize the stress on yourself if you put the task in perspective and evaluate whether or not it really adds value to the company. Be honest with yourself. 

6. Who is depending on me today to get this done? 

Remember that other people are relying on you to help with their projects. A colleague might be waiting on you to complete a report that they’re using in a presentation tomorrow. If your team is trusting you to get something done, do it! 

7. Does the work I’m doing today bring me joy?

If your job isn’t bringing you joy and satisfaction, you’ll soon become disengaged in your work and frustrated. Your performance will suffer and either voluntarily or involuntarily, you’ll start to look for a new job. 

Taking the time for self reflection is important in order to maintain your health and stay organized at work. When you are able to prioritize and plan for the day, you’re able to start the day with a more balanced approach. 

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