Resume mistakes may seem harmless, but often they can cost you the job. Your resume is the all-encompassing first impression a hiring manager will see when reviewing your application for a new job. You want to make sure it’s customized to show the most accurate and compelling representation of yourself. This is no place to be modest or downplay your achievements. You want to make sure the hiring manager believes that you’re the best, most qualified person for the job. ICR Staffing Services can help you land your dream job, and that starts with an updated, polished resume.

With that in mind, attention to detail and the details you include are key. Here are five resume mistakes you might be making now that you should avoid when searching for a new job.

1. Not Using the Right Words

Your resume should include many of the same words and skills that appear in the job posting. If it doesn’t have the right keywords, it might not get noticed, especially if the employer uses resume-sorting software. Don’t send out a resume with an objective that doesn’t match the job. Any objective you write should align with the job you’re applying for. Your resume should tell a story – one that helps you land the job you’re applying for.

2. Sending an Outdated or Standardized Resume

This is one of the most common resume mistakes. An outdated resume will make you look obsolete. Your 2020 resume should be updated and tailored for every job you apply for. You shouldn’t send the exact same resume out for every job you apply to. Double check that your skills, especially the computer and technical skills, are current and applicable to the position you’re applying for.

3. Including Too Much Information

No hiring manager wants to read every single detail about your past jobs. They just want to know your skills and qualifications that illustrate why you’re a strong fit for this position. Mentioning your transferrable skills is also important, but highlight the ones you know will earn you this job.

4. Not Including Accomplishments

You want to show what you have accomplished in past roles and what you contributed to the company. When possible, your achievements should be quantified. Don’t just claim that you improved productivity or boosted the companies sales. Be specific!

5. Leading Off With Mundane Facts

This is one of those resume mistakes that at first isn’t obvious. Your first sentence or first bullet point of each subsection should never be a mundane fact or irrelevant duty. Instead, the first one should be your most important statement – the one that outlines your greatest accomplishment or demonstrates that you have the key skills that are critical for the job at hand.

With a standout resume, you can rest assured you’re making the best first impression possible when applying for new jobs. Find the new job that fits your desires and your career goals! Contact ICR Staffing Services, Inc. in Victorville to start on your path to a new job!

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