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Think You Need a Raise? Here are the Best Ways to Ask For One.

Asking for a raise isn’t easy. You need to be prepared to sing your own praises, and for most people, this doesn’t come naturally. But the reality is, when asking for a salary increase, you’ll need to be prepared to communicate exactly how your value as an employee translates into financial compensation.

Here are some forward — and not so forward — ways of asking your manager for a raise.

So, How Do You Ask For a Raise?

Volunteer for more Responsibility

Taking on more responsibility within the context of your current job requires some serious time-management skills. But if you’ve reached a high level of proficiency and efficiency in your current role, you could use the extra time in your work week to take on additional responsibilities.

The key is, once you’ve added some extra tasks or projects to your current schedule, make sure to not let your original job duties slide through the cracks. This could be counter-productive when vying for a pay raise.

Talk About Your Goals and Accomplishments

Another way to push for a raise is to make sure your boss is aware that you’re not just coasting. Let them know that you have professional goals. Communicate about goals that you’ve already met, plus future goals that you’re striving towards. Make sure to explain how you see your past and future successes benefiting your employer.

Pursue Professional Development

Proactively meeting expectations is another justification for requesting a pay raise. Always do more than expected on the job, and that includes your professional development. Learning new hard or soft skills can increase your value as an employee and teammate in the eyes of your employers. Many businesses these days offer opportunity to pursue certificate or degree programs via tuition reimbursement.

Do A Little Research

Before negotiating a pay raise, make sure to know your market value. Start with researching salary trends for your profession within your industry and geographical location. Once you determine the market value for your profession, be sure to present a precise dollar figure to support your research and your argument for an increase in compensation.

Connect with Recruiters

And lastly, if the outcome isn’t what you were expecting and you’re ready to check out job offerings with your employee’s competitors, start with a recruiter. Many companies use recruiting agencies to find job applicants so building a relationship with a recruiter can increase your odds of getting noticed by hiring managers––and increase your odds of getting the salary you deserve.

Think You’re Ready to Ask For a Raise?

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